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An ICO, or "initial coin offering" is a fundraising tool that trades future cryptocurrency coins or tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies of immediate, liquid value. 

It’s an event, sometimes referred to as ‘crowdsale’, when a company releases its own cryptocurrency with a purpose of funding. It usually releases a certain number of crypto-tokens and then sells those tokens to its intended audience, most commonly in exchange for Bitcoins, but it can be fiat money as well. As a result, the company gets the capital to fund the product development and the audience members get their crypto tokens’ shares. Plus, they have complete ownership of these shares.
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Bitcoin vs Blockchain What's the difference?

While Bitcoin's future is still highly speculative, there is a need to differentiate between Bitcoin and Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin. A blockchain is essentially a distributed database of records or public ledger of all transactions that have been executed and shared among participating parties.
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The Blockchain 101. A simple introduction.

You've heard all the buzz and hype, but you're still not sure what's the big deal with Bitcoin and blockchains? This one page has all the resources you need to get up to speed on the technology and begin to learn why it matters for policy and regulation.
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How the Blockchain is already taking over

When talking about blockchains, we commonly think of its applications in the future. “Blockchain will solve this, blockchain will achieve that”. It’s easy to forget that blockchains are already deployed in the wild.

To Centralize or to De-centralize Networks 

For anyone to answer this question will not only involve understanding the difference between the two but will require an understanding of what Blockchain technology is and how it is set to not only protect the public but potentially bring more freedom and access to wealth and prosperity to millions of more people worldwide. Read more

Blockchain 101 - The Blockchain Explained

The blockchain is a public register in which transactions between two users belonging to the same network are stored in a secure, verifiable and permanent way. The data relating to the exchanges are saved inside cryptographic blocks, connected in a hierarchical manner to each other. Read more

The Blockchain and why it matters

At least one global cryptocurrency will achieve mass-market adoption. That cryptocurrency will either be Bitcoin or a derivative inspired by it. The chance that it will be the former is so strong that in 2014 I invested in Bitcoin startups Xapo and Blockstream.  Read more.
Even as blockchain is poised to disrupt the financial services industry, from operations to business models, most organizations face substantial uncertainty about how the blockchain ecosystem will develop and the changes it will unleash. While some early adopters are pushing ahead rapidly, most firms remain content with learning about the technology and testing proofs of concept internally until the future direction comes into focus.

To ensure they are not left behind, firms need to move quickly to determine how their business strategy can leverage blockchain, build the required capabilities into their business processes and technology systems, and become comfortable with collaborating on projects with external partners, customers and even competitors.

While we share the view that blockchain has the potential to generate substantial benefits, firms will need to overcome significant challenges to reap these rewards, including rethinking their business models, changing their approach to stakeholder engagement and managing the substantial culture change required to collaborate with external partners in blockchain consortia.

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