Data Segmentation 

Identifying your customer profile
We live and breathe data. Our focused, data gathering methods build a targeted audience for your message. Our innovative delivery platforms get your message out, to the right customers, and help you to achieve your goals.

Data Enhancement

Email Append

Add email addresses to your existing consumer files, quickly and confidentially with the highest append rates and utmost data accuracy.

Phone Append

Append your consumer files with cell phones, using one of the largest, most up-to-date mobile number database.

Data Enhancement

Append demographic or lifestyles information and gain invaluable market intelligence on your current consumer.

Reverse Append

Append your email or cell phone database with full postal and contact info.

Data Validation

Validate your existing consumer postal, email, cell phone, demographic and lifestyle information.

Data Licensing

Licenses available for unlimited data usage for both short and long-term contracts.

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