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Big data and Artificial Intelligence – key elements in worldwide development

Expansion of Internet and cellphone technology around the world might be the greatest advancement that has influenced developing countries in the previous decade. Using big data in worldwide development refers to a concept of identification of sources of big data relevant to the policies and planning for development programs. It contrasts from both “conventional” development data […]
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Improve Your Digital Marketing In 2019

There are just a couple of months to go before we hit 2019 — the ideal time to design a crisp digital marketing procedure and profit by up and coming patterns. All things considered, in a field as unique as this, remaining ahead has a significant effect as far as brand permeability and review. And […]
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User data in a mission of marketing success!

Now since we cannot rally on Wikipedia to properly explain what exactly digital marketing is, I took it upon myself to try and bring this term closer to you. So, let us embark on this quest that is Digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage […]
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The Top 3 Of The Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

A successful digital marketing strategy requires more than just setting up a Facebook and Instagram pages or doing an email blast about a company’s latest activities. For those who plan to start a business, it is very important to find the right way to attract customers. Attracting customers doesn’t mean just putting up advertisements and […]
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Best 6 Tips For Powerful Social Media Marketing

Social networks today are part of our everyday life, but apart from entertainment, they can be used efficiently for marketing purposes as well. With them, companies can listen to the needs and opinions of the customers and organize a strategic plan to present their product in the best possible way. Social networks like Facebook and […]
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Increase Your ROI With These 10 Efficient Digital Marketing Trend

Digital marketing revolves around the omnipresent internet world. It requires constant keeping up with progressive technologies and digital trends such as email, search engines, mobile devices and social media. The internet has changed the way that people perceive the business and how they relate to them. Currently, consumers utilize the social media and search engines […]
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Survey Shows Which Digital Marketing Channels Are Most Efficient For Websites

The digital age that we live in has changed the way businesses advertise their services, and digital marketing has quickly become a new imperative. Strengthening the business digital strategy is crucial for both digital and traditional companies, especially the larger ones. If the business is not online, it’s almost like it didn’t exist. Everything considered, […]
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Three Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing Department

Outsourcing your marketing department may sound a bit rigid and too automatized to the traditionally minded people. On the contrary, the fact is that it could be much more beneficial to any company. By choosing to outsource the whole digital marketing department, you decide to bring a whole team of the skilled professionals together, to […]