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The Downsides To Relying Solely On Business Information

Business intelligence (BI) has since quite a while ago, gave a dependable method to nontechnical representatives to dive into information and answer fundamental inquiries to carry out their occupations. From the rise of BI during the ’80s until around 2014, the effect of this kind of analysis remained genuinely compelled. Information was gathered in little, […]

What is the real value of Blockchain?

Despite the fact that blockchain technology represents one of the greatest innovations of the 21stcentury, many people still consider the real value of it. While there is public hype on cryptocurrencies, many of them question the true value of digital assets and technology behind them. Cryptocurrencies may be extremely volatile, but that should not underestimate […]

ICODashboard: Welcoming Project Anatha as our latest ICO client

We’re pleased to welcome Project Anatha to our roster of ICO clients.  Edward Hickman and the rest of his team have been building a platform that we’re excited about and we’re thrilled to be part of the process. What is Project Anatha?  Anatha’s open source, permission-less, human readable address system. Send/Receive tokens without QR codes or pasting long, unreadable addresses. Instead […]

To Centralize Networks or to De-centralize Networks: That is the question!

For anyone to answer this question will not only involve understanding the difference between the two but will require an understanding of what Blockchain technology is and how it is set to not only protect the public but potentially bring more freedom and access to wealth and prosperity to millions of more people worldwide. When […]

Blockchain and ICO Expert Boyan Josic joins Energy Premier’s Advisory Team

Energy Premier, the cloud-based electricity retail bidding platform, is pleased to welcome Boyan Josic to their Advisory board. Boyan will play a significant role in marketing and investor relations during Energy Premier’s upcoming ICO, which kicks off on May 16. Boyan is the Managing Partner of Mogul Media and the founder of MarketMakers.io, ICODashboard.io, and JOSIC Media. An expert in […]

Boyan Josic joins CashBag.co Advisory Board

CashBag.co, the maverick cash back site that’s creating a blockchain based infrastructure to allow for instant settlement of cash back rewards has announced that renowned crypto-investor and entrepreneur Mr. Boyan Josic, has joined their Advisory Board. Jonathan Miller, co-founder of CashBag had this to say during the introductory call announcing Mr. Josic’s joining the board: “We […]

Ask these questions before investing in an ICO

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are still very hot, despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, with some investors making up to 50,000% returns. Below are some essential questions you should ask before contributing to an ICO: What does the project do? The purpose of an ICO is to fund the development of a decentralized project […]