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ICODashboard: Welcoming Project Anatha as our latest ICO client

We’re pleased to welcome Project Anatha to our roster of ICO clients.  Edward Hickman and the rest of his team have been building a platform that we’re excited about and we’re thrilled to be part of the process. What is Project Anatha?  Anatha’s open source, permission-less, human readable address system. Send/Receive tokens without QR codes or pasting long, unreadable addresses. Instead […]
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Boyan Josic joins the Securix.io Advisory Board

Securix.io, the next generation of crypto mining, has added Boyan Josic to their advisory board. Boyan will advise the company during their upcoming ICO which begins on September 7, 2018. Founded by Jacobus Donkersloot and Damian Strauss, the goal of Securix.io is to make Blockchain and cryptographic technology simple and accessible to a broader audience.  About […]

ICODashboard, Springrole, Partnership for Advisor Verifications

Anyone looking at an ICO from an investment or research standpoint is going to look at the team and advisory board. The growing problem with that is the amount of fake profiles being used by #FakeICOs. Worse yet, some of them just add real people, with links to their linkedin profiles, who have nothing to […]
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Why ICODashboard?

ICODashboard.io was built from the ground up to be the very best platform for managing a secure and compliant token sale. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are complicated and manual, we’ve built ICODashboard to automate the small things while ensuring our clients retain full control of payments, wallets, token pricing templates, bounty campaigns, site […]

Blockchain and ICO Expert Boyan Josic joins Energy Premier’s Advisory Team

Energy Premier, the cloud-based electricity retail bidding platform, is pleased to welcome Boyan Josic to their Advisory board. Boyan will play a significant role in marketing and investor relations during Energy Premier’s upcoming ICO, which kicks off on May 16. Boyan is the Managing Partner of Mogul Media and the founder of MarketMakers.io, ICODashboard.io, and JOSIC Media. An expert in […]

Mogul Media adds NativeAds as a Partner

Mogul Media is proud to announce the addition of Vancouver-based NativeAds as a partner. The advertising company is a leading native ad exchange for content publishers, brands and agencies. The partnership will open new advertising and promotional channels for both companies and their respective clients. To learn more about NativeAds, watch the video below:

Boyan Josic joins CashBag.co Advisory Board

CashBag.co, the maverick cash back site that’s creating a blockchain based infrastructure to allow for instant settlement of cash back rewards has announced that renowned crypto-investor and entrepreneur Mr. Boyan Josic, has joined their Advisory Board. Jonathan Miller, co-founder of CashBag had this to say during the introductory call announcing Mr. Josic’s joining the board: “We […]