What Will 2019 Bring Us In Business?


Even though there are many companies that are already using artificial intelligence, this program has not still reached maturity, consequently, we could not see the real advantages that business based on artificial intelligence projects may bring. The question is – will anything change in 2019?

What Does Forrester Research Think About this?

A quarter of organizations with data lakes will adopt data fabrics.

This is a strong argument that confirms that the number of data sources and technologies are more complex than many companies had initially thought. Adopting data fabrics is an inevitable step for companies that may be collecting data from enterprise applications. As more artificial intelligence and self-learning programs are implemented, this phenomenon, called “data lake” gets even more complex. “Data lake” is not actually one lake, but a lot of lakes, based on a decentralized infrastructure and the common goal is to make it look like one enormous big lake to the end user.

According to the statistics presented by Forrester, all those companies that have already started using “data lakes”, will adopt data fabric program to power their virtual “data lakes”, which will be the key to grant access to existing “data lakes” and many other databases.

Ambient data governance will take the trauma out of old-school governance.

Data governance has always taken part in anything that concerns data trading. There is a simple rule that forces you to do the data governance because if you do not use it, it becomes a mess. But, on the other hand, if you use it, the effort becomes overwhelming.


The mad dash for derelict dashboards will end; firms will discard more than half.

Having more dashboards and reports does not automatically mean that it brings positive changes. According to Forrester, in 2019, companies will launch initiatives to rationalize report and dashboard inventory. This means that a certain company will stop delivering the reports or dashboards that have not been used by anyone and reuse resources for more strategic reporting.

The Downsides To Relying Solely On Business Information

Storytelling skills will drive a quarter of hires and promotions of insights pros.

We all know that the shortage of data scientists is something that is around us for a long time. Every day, a new company starts its business and a company like this needs a couple of important things to become successful. They need people with storytelling skills, which are often data analysts and business analysts. These are becoming key members of the team and what these experts will focus on our internal communications.

The advantage of storytelling is the fact that, besides the brain, it uses emotion, which is the most important thing when it comes to decision making.

The data economy is no gold rush; most data sellers and self-serve marketplaces will fail.

Monetizing data is not a new thing and we have all heard about it, but many of such efforts have fallen flat.

Although enterprises have been trying to monetize their own data for a long time, data economy does not seem to be improved and the reason for this, according to Forrester, is because a market-driven approach has not been used by any of these enterprises.
What should be the next step when it comes to data economy is to initiate collaboration with integration service provides such as EY, Cognizant, etc. This step is very important because these service providers have the power of enriching one enterprise’s data.

According to Forrester, some of the most important things that must be respected in order to improve a business based on artificial intelligence and “data lake” is to find the right partner which will help you to find the appropriate audience and to put on the project a new product.