4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Transform Travel and Hospitality Industry

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The travel and hospitality industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 and is experiencing growth almost every year.

This industry was among the first to start widely using digital in its interactions with customers because improving customer services is making clients and customers happy, which brings new guests engaged in order for a business to grow and prosper. We’ll show you now the 4 digital marketing trends that will help you transform and improve your business in the travel and hospitality industry.

1. Using mobile devices for booking

Booking hotel rooms and tickets via PC is no longer trend since smartphones are all around us, and especially popular among the younger audience. Criteo’s latest Travel Insights survey reveals the increasing influence of mobile shopping in the travel industry and the majority of mobile traffic and bookings comes from travelers looking to get away on a whim. Travel companies with mobile applications saw 60% of their bookings take place on mobile devices in Q4 2017, and almost 45% of all bookings take place on smartphone and tablet. This means that if you want to engage with your clients, you have to create your own mobile applications that would provide a deeper level of contact than just booking a hotel. You can add options like showing interesting locations near the hotel and additional services customers may need.

2. Providing a seamless customer experience

Delivering a seamless customer experience is a “must have” for companies and is all about finding new ways to engage with the audience in a very helpful way. Travel agents used to deal with booking for their clients, but today, clients are much more proactive than they used to be before. Today via PC, tablet or smartphone, any customer could book a trip, hotel tickets, airfare, rent a car and more. If the customer is not satisfied with a service provided by a business, he will find a new place when he can get better and cheaper service, so travel agents have to predict every potential wish of their clients to prevent them from leaving. This can be done by providing a seamless customer experience that allows them to get everything they want without searching elsewhere.

3.Artificial Intelligence, real-time analytics, and personalization

Artificial intelligence enables computers to identify, interpret and process the image and video data sets as needed. If you are using AI to predict what customers want, what they like and need, you’ll have more chance of influencing his decisions and persuading him to use your services. Automated analytical algorithms can help you to analyze information of thousands of individual people. These algorithms will gather information about customers in real-time and analyze it while allowing businesses to make a significant step towards true personalization when each customer gets offers and services.

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4. Use of social media

Using social media like Facebook, and especially Instagram has a strong impact on the travel and hospitality industry. Traveling no longer rely on guidebooks and TV commercials, because today many people research social media in order to find the best destination for vacation, and influencers are setting traveling trends. They are posting attractive pictures with descriptions, they recommend food, drinks, restaurants, and clubs. Almost everything customers need, so they don’t have to use guidebook where information may be outdated. According to the research done by Nielsen for Google, more than a half of people preparing to book a trip turn to social media to look for tips. Travel agencies, hotels, and local restaurants are also using social media for marketing purposes, and it’s especially effective when done via the Employee Advocacy, which means that business is promoted via personal accounts of its employees. Travel and hospitality industry is transforming rapidly with the use of social media and it’s always good to follow trends if you want success.