Survey Shows Which Digital Marketing Channels Are Most Efficient For Websites

Digital Marketing Channels

The digital age that we live in has changed the way businesses advertise their services, and digital marketing has quickly become a new imperative.

Strengthening the business digital strategy is crucial for both digital and traditional companies, especially the larger ones. If the business is not online, it’s almost like it didn’t exist.

Everything considered, not all digital channels are optimal for everyone. In fact, different niches appeal to different target audiences, that they respond better to some digital platform than the others.

Your company website is not only a business presentation, it can easily become a real goldmine, even for business other than e-commerce. In order to transform a business website in a true sales-generating machine, the most beneficial digital channels are organic search, social media, email and paid search.

In order to get real insights from the real people who own businesses, and uncover which digital channel brings the highest revenue to their website, Search Engine Journal has conducted a survey among its Twitter community.

Here are the results. The question was:

“Which Digital Marketing Channel Has the Highest ROI for Your Website?”

The insights gained from the  SEJ’s Twitter audience:

Almost half of the respondents (49%) have stated that organic search is the most important ROI-generating digital marketing channel.
19 percent stated that the paid search does the job for them, yielding bach the highest ROI.
Similarly, 18%  consider social media their highest ROI-generating digital marketing asset.

The rest of 14% think that the email brings the highest ROI for their business website.

Even though the majority of participants of the survey declared organic search as their largest ROI-generating digital marketing channel, this does not mean that it should be prioritized over other digital marketing channels.

It’s advised to check industry’s benchmarks and best practices, craft your digital strategy adjust it accordingly to address your specific goals.

When considering which digital marketing channel to concentrate on, you should pay attention to various factors.

Certainly, it is vital to track your marketing KPIs in order to measure the performance of your digital marketing channels.