ICODashboard: Welcoming Project Anatha as our latest ICO client

We’re pleased to welcome Project Anatha to our roster of ICO clients.  Edward Hickman and the rest of his team have been building a platform that we’re excited about and we’re thrilled to be part of the process.

What is Project Anatha? 

Anatha’s open source, permission-less, human readable address system. Send/Receive tokens without QR codes or pasting long, unreadable addresses. Instead a simple @Name system will allow you to send peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to an address you can actually memorize and share with one another in normal conversation.

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An integrated set of beautifully designed economic tools wrapped into a light wallet that’s easy and robust with a global rebate system in which platform arbitrage fees are redistributed to both the individual and the entire community. Why? Because we want to foster the new economy. We want to reduce the burden of a basic activity of digital tokens: arbitrage. Because we want to help create a structure of flourishing.

Token Sale

In a true token sale, 100% of all ANATHA tokens ever created will be available for purchase during the opening sale period. The Anatha team has engineered the tokens to have value relative to its utility on our platform (0.001 ANATHA = 1 view to our ad engine, for example).

About ICODashboard.io
ICODashboard was built from the ground up to be the very best platform for managing a secure and compliant token sale. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are complicated and manual, we’ve built ICODashboard to automate the small things while ensuring our clients remain in full control of their token sale by using our tools.