ICODashboard, Springrole, Partnership for Advisor Verifications

Anyone looking at an ICO from an investment or research standpoint is going to look at the team and advisory board. The growing problem with that is the amount of fake profiles being used by #FakeICOs. Worse yet, some of them just add real people, with links to their linkedin profiles, who have nothing to do with their ICO.  I’ve found my own profile on seven ICOs that I’ve never heard of in my life.

Which is why we’re excited to announce our partnership and integration with SpringRole.  SpringRole is a blockchain-powered professional profile verification and attestation protocol, which eliminates the problem of scammy and fake ICOs to a great extent. Using the Advisory Verification feature, a company and an advisor will be able to verify each other and write this to the blockchain, thereby, weeding out #FakeICOs.

SpringRole is based in Los Angeles and was founded by Kartik Mandaville, and includes advisors Mike Jones and Greg Gilman from Science Inc.  This provides us with a good opportunity to show you how this feature works. By looking at Mike’s profile on SpringRole, we can scroll down and see that he lists SpringRole as an Advisory Position. By clicking on the verification link, we can see this confirmed on the blockchain.

To see how it works on the front-end of a website, let’s take a look at the “about us” page on SpringRole, where they list their advisors. If we look at the 2nd row of advisors, we can see that 3 out of 4 advisors are verified:


The Advisor Verification feature from SpringRole will be directly integrated into ICODashboard. Anyone signing up through ICODashboard will save 20% by using the code “icodash20“. To get started, either visit the SpringRole section in ICODashboard, or follow this link directly.

About ICODashboard.io
ICODashboard was built from the ground up to be the very best platform for managing a secure and compliant token sale. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are complicated and manual, we’ve built ICODashboard to automate the small things while ensuring our clients remain in full control of their token sale by using our tools.

ICODashboard was founded by Boyan Josic, the Founder & CEO of Mogul Media, and the editor of JOSIC. Boyan has been involved as an advisor on many ICOs and blockchain projects, including AeronSignIXVelix.IDCashbagLuckboxBlockTricsBountyMissionsBloxCapitalSecurix.ioGoFind and Energy Premier.