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So, what do I mean by “sticky” and why should your direct mail be sticky? By sticky, I mean direct mail that really resonates or makes an impression on your prospects and customers. When this happens, they are more likely to respond to your offer. After your first hurdle of grabbing attention so that your […]


With the rise of digital communication, it seemed direct mail would become obsolete. Then it seemed social media marketing would make email redundant – but a cross-platform strategy should not be ignored as a powerful tool in the entrepreneurs’ arsenal. Direct mail and email can work in tandem to deliver a killer one-two punch campaign […]


Of course you want better results from your mailings. The worst thing you can do is to become complacent and think the mailing piece you’ve got is “good enough.” The best thing you can do is to keep making variations to your mailing piece, and then test the results. A client of trying to “crack the […]


There are many steps you can take to ensure your direct mail materials get noticed and read. Opting for quality graphics and professionally written copy, and including incentives that are irresistible to your target audience is a good place to start. But did you know that there are ways to extend the life of your […]

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Our Testimonials

  • “I contacted Kramer to design a mailer for the Veterans “Aid and Attendance” Pension Program just to see what kind of response we would get from it. I got a whopping 9.7% return out of a 1000 piece mailer. WOW!!! This opens the door for pre-planning for long term care, etc.”
    C. Stanford-Florida
  • “Met with one of my G.A.’s and a few of his recruits last night. He ordered 1500 Med Supp cards and 1500 Annuity cards recently. He received a 3% return on the former and 2% on the latter. He wrote a $600,000 annuity and… a Med Supp (2 visits). His commission is $30,000 on this deal. He also received referrals.”
    Tom C. -Regional Sales Director
  • “We have had a close relationship with Allyn Kramer since 1997 and are a major user of his direct mail services. Allyn and his team have always been reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and empathetic to our needs. We highly recommend their services.”
    Louis H. Brownstone, Chairman-California Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc.
  • “I can say a lot about Kramer Direct . . . reliable, fast, accurate, and fun people to deal with. Kramer Direct is the company if you want your campaign to be delivered right. Kramer Direct . . . THANK YOU!”
    A. Halaway-Health & Retirement Services