Social Commerce Consulting

Social commerce is an extension of your traditional marketing plan. Regardless of whether you have a Website in place, it’s crucial to create an all inclusive marketing plan that involves the use of social media platforms to engage potential customers.

There are many ways to use social media platforms to increase business. Offering promotions, loyalty rewards and exclusive content to fans are a few ways to develop brand loyalty. Tailoring content to meet the customer’s needs converts shoppers into loyal brand consumers who are more likely to share links and products on their social media sites.

Creating content is where Mogul Media comes in. We consult with businesses to create a vision for the company and implement a social commerce strategy, which may include email marketing, social media development, Internet marketing, video marketing and info-graphics.

We provide targeted content, post frequent social media updates and create brand awareness. The growing trend is for users to make purchases directly though social media sites. Not only can we link your company website, provide company info on social sites and target local traffic, but we can help you get likes and turn them into sales.