Mobile Commerce Consulting

Defining your Strategy

The number of people using iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices to shop is expected to increase over the next few years. Companies that are flexible and can adapt to meet the changing needs of the market are better equipped to satisfy their customers.

Developing a plan to stay competitive is essential for business owners. The goal is to create a strategy that provides mobile optimization, offers time sensitive deals and turns browsers into shoppers to increase mobile revenue.

Mogul Media has the solution for mobile commerce optimization, beginning with an extensive mobile commerce strategy to include the latest technology and ending with complete customer satisfaction and increased sales.

We can create a positive user experience by developing awareness, engaging customers, offering unique value and integrating the newest technology. Mogul Media offers a wide range of services to help businesses assess their mobile commerce needs, devise a plan to attract and retain mobile customers and implement the necessary changes.

Driving Mobile Revenue

Mobile device users are responsible for a growing portion of Internet sales. As this trend continues, businesses need to develop mobile sites and apps that are user friendly with clear graphics, rich content and a smooth checkout process.

Mobile monetization involves closing the gap between company Websites and iPhone apps. It includes a higher level of customer service, delivered straight to the customer on the device of their choice.

Mogul Media is able to streamline your Website, mobile site and app to provide the best customer experience, thus leading to increased revenue. We can help your company close more sales from tablet and iPhone users.

We use a multifaceted strategy to drive mobile revenue. It includes noticeable ads, clear content, content promotion, lead generation, as well as brand development.

Mobile Redemption

Mobile coupons are gaining popularity. At a time when people are faced with economic hardships, the idea of saving money on purchases through the use of a scannable code or a code sent through a text is appealing. The shift from paper coupons to electronic codes is expected to continue and with greater frequency.

The problem that customers face with the current electronic coupons is the difficulty in redeeming them. Checkouts aren’t equipped with the technology to quickly scan and track the use of electronic coupons. As mobile redemption is more widely accepted, the issue becomes finding useful and relevant coupons.

We specialize in creating daily deals that users can redeem for discounts. We target the audience, determine which part of your demographics are most likely to use the coupon codes and geo target customers who are likely to use the local discounts. Taking it a step further, new technoolgy makes it possible to target local shoppers who have browsed an item, but have not yet made a purchase and send them a coupon code to encourage the user to follow through on the purchase.

Mogul Media applies these practices to create user-friendly coupons for mobile redemption as part of a business strategy that encourages the use of both mobile commerce and brick and mortar stores to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Mobile App Development

The goal of mobile apps is to bridge the gap between Websites and mobile shoppers. Websites don’t always translate well into mobile sites. The graphics are off, the content is overwhelming for the smaller screen and the ads are more prominent.

That’s where apps come in. Developing an application that users can install on their iPhone or other mobile device is one way to encourage company loyalty and repeat business.

Mogul Media is able to pinpoint your target audience and provide an engaging experience for frequent users. Our talented team will asses your goals, optimize an app with the specific content needed to draw local traffic and tie in the social networking aspect.