Lead Generation

Define Strategy and Build Custom Goals

A lead is simply someone interested in your business, products or services. Gaining quality leads is something companies have struggling with consistently. The use of social media and digital content have made it easier to increase your chances of reaching your targeted audience within your niche and drive sales.

Developing a lead generation strategy depends on your goals and objectives. It needs to be customized for your specific business and shared in a way that builds a following. Become an authority in your niche and people will not only become customers, but they will show loyalty by passing along your information through social media platforms in the forms of likes, shares, tweets and more.

Mogul Media can help you build a following by publishing and sharing unique content that offers value to potential customers. We cross-link your profiles on social media sites, your Website and your profiles to increase social conversion. You’ll see your sales rise as you gain trust, build relationships and offer solutions.

We customize a lead generation plan for your business. There isn’t one solution for every business. The first step is to get a clear understanding of your target audience. Finding out what makes them tick, what is important to them and what their concerns are is key to developing a realistic plan that gets results. Once we have that information we can develop incentives, contests and special offers to draw them in and convert them into customers.

Produce Creative & Effective Campaigns 

Innovative and customized lead generation campaigns get results. You need to take your marketing in a unique direction to stand out from your competition. People are bombarded with boring advertising messages all the time. Use your marketing campaign to prove how you are different from your competitors and the solutions your business can offer.

Clear and specific goals are needed to produce a creative and effective campaign that yields results. Make sure your goals represent your target audience, are reachable and are time-sensitive.

Mogul Media can help define your brand message and figure out the best way to promote it to generate more quality leads. Creating content worth promoting that is targeted to your audience is essential. We know that creating content that works can be a challenge, but we rise to the challenge.

We take it a step further by ensuring that users are engaged and taking value from the content. Our copy stimulates action and converts leads to sales. Our campaign managers also respond to data regarding your strategy to adjust the plan and steer it in a positive direction and make every communication count.

Measuring Data & Results

It’s not enough to write content, generate leads and send useful information through an email marketing system. The only way to get real results is to measure the data from your lead generation campaign.

The data will tell you what worked, how many sales were made and your total revenue. At a closer look, you can see the demographics of your customers and how much time it took between your first contact and their purchase.

Not every lead equates to a sale though. Mogul Media can help target quality leads to increase the sales conversion and track the results based on analytic, phone calls, completed inquiries, surveys, ad clicks, average sales, requests to unsubscribe and general traffic behavior.

Our campaign managers look at the data to determine if the current advertising methods are cost effective. We develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals by reading the data, translating it to you in terms of what it means for your company’s bottom line and remain flexible enough to adapt the plan to meet the changing needs of the market.