Email Marketing

Campaign Strategy

Email marketing is still one of the top lead generations strategies. It becomes a powerful tool when it extends from your social media marketing. Include an opt-in link on your social media sites to encourage a targeted audience who will allow your emails. By providing relevant and valuable information in a timely manner, you’ll build trust and convert interest into sales.

An effective email marketing campaign strategy includes sending a purposeful message to potential customers who have opted in to receive messages and updates from your company.

Mogul Media can take charge of your email marketing campaign. We can integrate all of your digital media to point towards the email opt-in. We can devise a strategy to promote your brand without saturating potential customers with too much communication.

We are able to center content around your niche to attract a targeted audience, encourage interaction with customers and create exclusive content to use as an incentive for signing up. Our all-inclusive email marketing strategy includes setting up landing pages and creating copy with a call to action to drive sales.

Campaign Design

A campaign design can be effective by using a variety of tactics to promote the brand. Promotional emails are used to announce new products or services. Sending an email to your targeted audience to broadcast a discount is a practical way to provide value to those already interested in what your company has to offer.

Interactive communications like surveys and reviews are used to engage the potential customer and informative content is provided to encourage customer loyalty are also effective ways to use email marketing.

Mogul Media can help you with your email campaign design by writing persuasive copy to draw the reader in and convert them into customers. We are also able to create mobile viewing landing pages, optimize content and images to load quickly, write engaging subject lines to increase the percentage of receivers who open the emails and write a strong call to action that translates into sales.

One of the biggest draws for people who opt-in to emails is to receive a special bonus. Mogul Media studies your target audience to develop an appropriate “free gift” to offer them. Then we work to create an ebook, newsletter or free report to entice the audience into filling out the opt-in form.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is key for devising and implementing a successful email marketing strategy. An effective email marketing strategy involves creating and delivering relevant information, providing a value for your customers and being flexible enough to include the latest technology to get the message across.

The purpose of email marketing is to educate and inform potential customers and remind them of your products and services. It requires a plan to identify the needs of your target audience and offer a solution to their problems.

Mogul Media is the answer for your campaign management. We handle all of the details to provide relevant, useful and timely information through email marketing. We create and launch a full campaign, while addressing the special needs of mobile email marketing. We will help develop your objectives and meet your goals.

Our campaign managers provide professional communications with a friendly tone that eases the customer into the sale with a soft sell approach as a welcome message and leads to a hard sell call to action to close the deal.

Data & Metrics

Creating and implementing an email marketing strategy is just one step int the process of reaching your target audience and driving sales. Without knowing where you have been, you won’t know where to go. Analyzing the data is the next step in the process. It’s important to look at the traffic behavior, unsubscribe requests, visit length, forwards, sales, bounced emails and unopened mail, as well as track your client activity over a period of time.

Measuring the data and tracking the metrics is important so you know what works and what doesn’t. Looking at the data, you’ll be able to see if a particular bonus attracts more attention than others, where the traffic is coming from to see which methods are most effective and how many communications it takes to make a sale.

Reading data and metrics isn’t everyone’s strength. Business owners cringe at the thought of analyzing data and trying to make sense of it. Mogul Media campaign managers take the guesswork out of analyzing the data and simplify the information into numbers you can relate to.

We help you understand the results we find from the data and adjust the email marketing campaign accordingly. Once we learn how subscribers are responding to your emails we can adapt and lay out a plan to generate more interest and increase your click through rate.